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UDcast UDgateway VPN - Enhanced VPN Appliance


The UDgateway VPN is the first all-in-one appliance specifically adapted for a broadband satellite-based VPN - Virtual Private Network. All key IP features such as routing and QoS, security and tunneling, compression and caching are embedded in the appliance along with performance enhancement technology. UDcast's best-of-breed core technology provides an enhanced end-user experience, based on two-way TCP acceleration, QoS-based traffic differentiation, HTTP pre-fetching, as well as web and DNS caching.

The VPN can be created over a satellite only infrastructure or over a mix of two-way satellite with terrestrial backhaul. The satellite and/or terrestrial site connections can be based on any IP access service such as basic Internet access. Site to site communication is kept private throughout using strong IP traffic encryption. UDcast Udgateway VPN's unique technology enhances upload and download performances, by compressing and accelerating TCP-based applications both ways, end-to-end.

The UDgateway VPN appliance functions with any two-way satellite system. When located on a satellite-based access, it sits between the indoor unit and the local area network, and handles all VPN access traffic coming from the corporate site. When located on a terrestrial based central site, the UDgateway VPN is integrated in any location near the Internet access, generally in a DMZ - De-Militarised Zone. Designed to be easily installed, configuration is done via a web-based interface. A wizard automates the setup process, requiring the input of just a few parameters.

UDgateway VPN Features:

End-to-end performance enhancement
Delivers true broadband quality, to guarantee customer satisfaction
Accelerates VPN TCP both ways whilst encrypted end-to-end

Site-to-site security
End-to-end IP traffic strong encryption
Full Internet access protection for the entire VPN

Bandwidth optimization
Bandwidth saving through compression and caching
QoS-based traffic differentiation

Two-way systems adaptation
Bandwidth usage control
Return path optimiztion

Enhanced End-User Experience:

Two way TCP acceleration

Reduced data upload and download times
Full utilization of valuable bandwidth capacity

HTTP pre-fetching
Parallel downloads of all embedded frames/objects for each web page
Instantaneous web page display

Get once, local reuse of frequently accessed web pages
Single DNS name for address resolution, to be then shared locally

Mail relay
Immediate user mail delivery to local SMTP relay
Background mail forwarding on return link

UDgateway VPN Specifications

IP features

NAT (Network Address Translation) with port forwarding
Kernel based stateful inspection firewall
Two-way TCP accelerator ; IP Compression
HTTP pre-fetching ; HTTP and DNS cache
SMTP mail relay ; DHCP proxy or server
QoS: weighted fair queuing - DiffServ compliant
Multicast forwarding

VPN features

IPsec - ESP tunnel mode
AES 128 bits or 3DES media encryption
Optional: meshed technology
Split tunneling (VPN with direct Internet access)
NAT Traversal ; IP compression within tunnels

Administration features

Secured web-based management
Save/restore configuration
Setup wizard with auto configuration
SNMP/MIB support
Tunnel and traffic monitoring
Diagnostic tools
UDgateway VPN Specifications

Network interfaces

2 Ethernet 10/100 BaseT (1 for LAN switch and 1 for two-way IDU or DMZ LAN)

Hardware specification

3rd generation Intel® Processor
Hard Disk: 40 GB
Memory: 256 MB
Power supply: 100-127/200-240 VAC
Weight: 14.3 lbs (6.5 kg)
Dimensions: 3.43"(H) x 12.2"(L) x 14.4" (W) - 87 x 310 x 365 mm
Optional: Rack-mountable hardware

Operating environment

Temperature: +10°C to +40°C
Humidity: 10 to 80 %
Atmosphere: 20-95 %
MTBF: 40.000 h at 25°C
Cooling Fans

UDcast UDstation Access - Broadband Access Server - UDgateway Product Companion

UDcast UDstation Access - Broadband Access Server - UDgateway Product Companion

UDcast UDstation Access Description:

The UDstation-Access is a central appliance located at the satellite hub. It is the key product companion for the UDgateways located at the end-customer sites delivering enhanced broadband Internet access over two-way satellite systems. This appliance is shared by all the connected UDgateways and provides the necessary server side/hub elements for full functionality.

Thanks to the UDstation-Access appliance, in conjunction with the UDgateway appliances, service providers can provide premium type services with key benefits for both the service provider and the end-customers. Amongst these are strong network security, on the fly IP traffic compression and valuable performance enhancement. The UDstation-Access implements global performance enhancement through TCP acceleration and data compression, central security control and enforcement through site authentication and key distribution, as well as essential installed base administration tools such as the ability to carry out remote software upgrades.

The UDstation-Access appliance is highly flexible ensuring easy integration with the service provider's hub and fully adapting to specific needs and constraints. The appliance can also be located close to the hub, for example in a public IP zone, in order to reduce the risk of impacting the existing satellite system. Through the use of the UDstation-Access the service provider can choose which end-customer sites benefit from a premium service enabled by UDgateways, and which do not, thus delivering two classes of service from a same hub.

Based on a powerful hardware platform, the UDstation-Access appliance is designed for the satellite service provider. Each appliance can support up to a full satellite transponder capacity.

UDcast UDstation Access Performance enhancement

Shared TCP acceleration server

Peer for all UDgateways located on end-customer site
Deliver optimized end-user experience for every UDgateway equipped site

Bandwidth saving
Allow all UDgateways to reduce TCP acknowledgements over satellite by regenerating ACKs transparently on the Internet side
Compress/uncompress traffic over satellite to/from UDgateways

Service management
SLA enforcement
Online service monitoring

UDcast UDstation Access Central Control

Site authentication
Centrally manage access rights based on the UDgateway's digital certificates
Strongly authenticate end-customer sites

Satellite link encryption
Dynamically distribute traffic encryption keys
Scramble satellite traffic to unauthorized third parties

Software version distribution
Centrally manage software update distribution to selected Udgateways
Simplified installed based administration

UDcast UDstation Access Specifications

IP routing
Traffic sharing at uplink rate
TCP acceleration server
Central compression end-point
Link monitoring probe

Security features
Link encryption central end-point - IPsec with AES
Central site authentication management - X.509 digital certificate
Dynamic key distribution management- Multicast based

Interoperability with any IPE - IP encapsulator
Can be integrated in any public IP location at or near the hub
Can be inserted in-line to control all IP traffic

Web-based administration
Installed base software update server -Multicast based
UDcast UDstation Access Specifications

Hardware specification

2 Ethernet 10/100 BaseT
3rd generation Intel® Processor
Hard Disk: 40 GB
Memory: 512 MB
Power supply: 250W - Autoswitch 100-240 VAC (47-63 Hz)
Weight: 44 lbs (20 kg)
Dimensions: 2U"(H) x 17.7"(L) x 19"(W) - 88 mm x 450 mm x 483 mm

Operating environment
Temperature: +15°C to +30°C
Humidity: 10 to 80 %
Atmosphere: 20-95 %
Safety: EMC compliance, FCC, UL, CUL, CSA, BSMI
MTBF: 50.000 h at 25°C
Cooling Fans

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