Lamit Company Launches a New Network Solution for Improving the Internet Connection.



Lamit Company, an important satellite internet provider, launches a new solution for improving the satellite internet connections (terrestrial, wireless or bidirectional via satellite), the 2.5 STABLE version of Lamit 2Pro Advanced and Lamit 2Pro Mini Power servers. Despite the very small dimensions of the Mini Power server, it maintains all the features and characteristics of the Lamit 2Pro server's Platform. The new generation of servers includes Wireless connectivity (N type, offering an extended coverage area and maximum transfer rates) providing easier users' connection. The new servers' version also offers new encryption facilities, a better control and professional management of the users' LAN.

The Lamit 2Pro servers were tested in difficult conditions, beside high debit satellite bidirectional connections offered by Lamit, in different regions of the world, at different levels of users, starting with the services for small or middle users and continuing with the broadband communications via satellite offered to romanian and foreign military bases, as well as special transmission services second package (TS 2-nd P) for internet in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait. The servers/routers have advanced functions of acceleration and prioritization of the data transfer between the user's network and internet, helping the VoIP and VPN communications.

The Lamit Company also offers broadcast services via satellite, occasional or permanent ones, as well as encrypted governmental connections, dedicated networks, point to point and point to multipoint connections, SCPC/SCPC or SCPC/DVB S2 types.

Military bases, governmental agencies, universities, internet cafe's, drilling and oil, gas and petroleum companies, as well as various corporations and physical persons from all over the world (USA, Asia, Middle East, Europe and Africa) are using daily the high speed satellite connections offered by Lamit Company for worldwide communication and safe data transfer.

The Lamit 2Pro server Platform has been adapted to improve the communication in each of the previously mentioned environments.

Last but not least, it is important to mention that Lamit Company was elected the winner, in 2009, of two international awards: "International Trophy for Technology and Quality" and "Golden Award for Quality and Business Prestige", the annalists' conclusions being:

"After a deep analysis of the company's activity we concluded that due to their innovative special capacities, Lamit Co. succeeded to maintain itself in the top of the companies that activates in the transmissions via satellite field", said The Selection Committee.

Lamit Company made itself known due to the innovative solutions and the improvement they made to the quality of transmission services via satellite, fixed or mobile and through its value added networking solutions, reason why it has received multiple appreciations and international awards in the past years.