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Mobile Satellite Internet

Introducing iNetVu™, the revolutionary 2-way high speed Mobile Satellite Internet System for people on the move that need to communicate. With Lamit Company’s iNetVu™ users now have the ability to conduct business from remote locations similar to the way they do from their central offices.

How does the it work?

iNetVu™ allows you to access the Internet at high-speed with your personal computer or laptop virtually anywhere your Vehicle, Motor Coach or Commercial Mobile platform is parked.
The iNetVu two way mobile satellite internet system mounts easily on top of vehicles (RVs, SUVs, Vans or any other commercial vehicle) or transportable platform, and with a simple click the dish automatically deploys, locks on to the selected satellite and interfaces with the modem to enable service.
Once locked on, you are automatically connected to the Internet at broadband speeds. No phone lines, no cellular hook ups - just instant broadband speed at your fingertips.

Where does it work?

With iNetVu™ you gain unprecedented coverage throughout the Americas, Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Australia. Virtually anywhere! As long as there is a clear line of sight of the desired satellite and there is service available in your area.

Why choose iNetVu™?

Four words: Rapid, Robust, Reliable and Adaptable.

iNetVu offers Satellite acquisition within a few minutes after you have parked your vehicle or platform. The same automount antenna, controller and software work with many of the world’s leading satellite-based Internet providers, namely; AAE, Comtech, EMS, Hughes Direcway, iDirect, iPSTAR, Tachyon, ViaSat, Gilat and Gilat-based systems such as Starband and others. These robotic self-pointing platforms are available in various sizes toMobile Two way satellite internet meet your requirements.

iNetVu™ advantages :

- Simple one button tool, to find the satellite.
- Automatically acquires the satellite in 3-5 minutes.
- Stows on command and for safety.
- Built in GPS (Global Positioning System) for extreme mobility.
- It's integrated with numerous satellite modems (VSAT terminals).
- Has worldwide usage, with all the major satellite Internet service providers.

Some of the major supported VSAT equipments :

• DW4000/DW4020/DW6000 fully integrated
• HNS-Integrated ACP operation
• Also supports web-based interfaces

Gilat / StarbandMobile iNetVu Controller
• 360/360E fully integrated
• StarBand 360/481/484 fully integrated
• Provides automatic co-pole and cross-pole adjustments
• Eliminates need to call NOC

• NetModem II/NetModem II Plus fully integrated
• Both TDMA and SCPC modes for mobile
• Supports both Telenet session and Console port

• Linkstar DVB-RCS modems fully integratedMobile Satellite Internet
• Eliminates need to call NOC

iNetVu™ mobile satellite Internet major Features:

• Easy to Install, Configure and Operate
• Works with most Windows OS versions
• Supports all iNetVu Mobile Platforms
• Control interfaces from the PC via USB or Serial
• Basic Control window for normal operation
• Advanced Control window for comprehensive sys status
• Auto GPS updates to Modems resolves mobile ranging
• Optimal dish pointing calculations for ACP
• Built-in Motion Protections and automatic re-alignment
• Auto disable the Transmitter in case of antenna motion
• Auto stowing of the dish when a vehicle begins moving
• Powerful Help facility: Online Manual, Tips, Messaging
• Automatic Unattended Operation - configurable
• Integrated iNetVu Navigator - optional software

Lamit Highly Mobile Satellite Internet System

- Mobile broadband satellite internet can be used in different locations, representing a safe, sure and secure way to make data transfers, video streaming (if audio/video surveillance is the case), or general words satellite communications, especially in disadvantageous areas where a communication system is not available, like construction sites, work platforms, outside city areas, and in general, areas where informational access is reduced, or in calamity zones.


This mobile satellite internet system was designed especially to serve high institution levels. This system's applicability is vast. In the army, pursuing instant communications wherever the system might be, in mobile medical units and institutions, banks and publishing houses etc. The mobility is maximum, and all the equipment can be packed in special containers.
Mobile Two way Satellite Internet

Mobile Two way Satellite Internet Lamit Mobile Satellite Internet System:

- The mobile equipment contains : external devices (satellite antenna and mounts) powered by three independent motors, fix support (mount) internal equipment (satellite VSAT terminal and accessories) completely automatic, for the connection with the satellite.
- Subscriptions are paid quarterly, and the connection is permanent, with unlimited traffic.
- Antennas used: 0.75 m, 0.98 m, 1.2 m, 1.8 m and for special orders, 2.4 m.

- The mobile satellite internet system's applicability is found in multiple and various domains of activity and areas, inside industrial areas, in mobile locations like your own car or mobile surveillance units.
- This mobile VSAT system has all the benefits of the fixed VSAT satellite internet system, offering an extra touch of mobility, anywhere in the world.
- The connection with the satellite is made automatically, in 3-5 minutes from the command issuing.
- To complete this mobile system, we can provide wireless equipments, for mobile intervention teams, assuring complete audio / video communication with the mobile satellite internet unit.

Lamit Fly Away Portable Satellite Internet System

The Lamit Co’s 1200 airline checkable antenna system is a highly portable unit with a 6-piece carbon fibre reflector that can fit in a suitcase. It includes the auto-pointing 7000B controller, cables and another electronic device such as a modem, beacon receiver or PowerSmart that come in a second case.

• 1.2m 6-Piece carbon fibre reflector
• 3rd Axis Motorization
• Two case solution
• Supports manual control when required
• Airline checkable
• One button, auto-pointing controller acquires any Ku band satellite within 2 minutes
• Captive hardware / fasteners
• No tools required for assembly / disassembly
• Set-up time less than 10 minutes, One person job
• Leveling capability for uneven surfaces
• Optimal high-precision antenna pointing
• Includes jog controller functions
• Remote access and operation via network, web and other


The 1200 airline checkable system is easily configured to provide instant access to satellite communications for any application that requires reliable and/or remote connectivity in a rugged environment. Ideally suited for applications that require a quick, simple set-up typically for industries such as Disaster Management, Oil & Gas Exploration, Mining, Construction, Mobile Offices and Emergency Services.

Lamit Fly Away Portable Satellite Internet System

Mobile Two way Satellite Internet
Lamit Ultra Compact Autotracking VSAT (1,2 m)

The Ultra Compact mobile VSAT antenna system is very compact and fully portable through regular airline checked baggage and is a perfect SNG Antenna. The Lamit1200 series features a fully automatic motorized mounting platform tripod system with auto satellite acquisition provided by the user friendly 7000 controller. The 1.2m Flyaway Transportable VSAT antenna also comes with light weight aluminum cases which make the unit easy to transport anywhere. Quick deployment in 15 minutes or less is also a plus for the Lamit’s  VSAT system with an 1,2m iNetVu dish.

Watch the mobile satellite internet system in action (Windows Media)

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