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For VSAT equipments distribution and two way broadband satellite internet services reseller's contracts, in Europe, Africa, Americas and Middle East, please contact our Marketing Dep. by completing the Partners/Resellers online form. You will be contacted as soon as possible.

Technical support, Assistance

We offer telephone and e-mail support, 24/7, included in the two way subscription, or on-site, in working business hours. Online Support and technical assistance through Lamit Forum.
Two way internet availability: 99,8%/year

Wireless              internet two way

through satellite
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Two way satellite internet VSAT Equipments are
fully compatible with Wireless 802.11g technology

Professional Web Hosting-Lamit Data Center

Web Hosting is a process which needs special resources and that is why Lamit Data Center offers high standards technical conditions and a 24/7/365 Technical Support.The Data Center has 100% Up-time for electrical power and internet connection, clustering, antivirus and antispam protection, data bases, mysql, CGI-Bin, E-mail, Webmail, POP3, SMTP, IMAP, FrontPage Extensions, Cron, Statistics, Web, FTP, STAT, Subdomains File Manager, Back-UP, Custom, PHPMy Admin, Cpanel.You can find more details about the hosting packages on the page dedicated to this type of services.


Unlimited Broadband Two way Satellite Internet Service

The professional broadband two way fixed or mobile bidirectional satellite internet service features maximum transfer rates and minimal costs, in all covered areas. The connection's QoS can be customized, depending on each client's necessity (different content ratio). Moreover, the VSAT equipment with the proper adapted satellite dish for your location can be offered now, in rates, leasing or rent. To order, please use the online order form in : Online order form.

Maximum information's security, special military satellite internet access for Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait

The benefits of two way broadband satellite internet access are, firstly, optimum data security, unlimited traffic, broadband transfer speed and the possibility to personalize each connection. Package encryption is made much more effectively, (with 3DES algorithm, and the integrated help of the service operator VPN) unlike traditional terrestrial methods, where existent communication nodes along the information path are numerous and represent weakness points. Following a traceroute of data sent from your current location, to a remote location (different continent like USA, Africa, Europe), you will notice that the packages redirect themselves from host to host, until they reach their destination. A two way satellite internet connection avoids these impediments.

Two Way High Speed Mobile Internet Access

Two way mobile satellite internet solutions are now being made available. The offered VSAT technology is the latest of it's kind, working with either Linkstar, iDirect or Comtech equipments. You now have broadband mobile satellite internet access in Europe, Africa or the Middle East, at blazing speeds of 1024 Kbps upload and 4096 Kbps download (or more on request), unlimited traffic. Two way mobile satellite internet systems represent the latest technology in the field today.
Connect yourself to the future!
Mobile Two way Satellite Internet

Server Internet Accelerator, Network's Management and Control, IP/VPN Optimization

The Professional Lamit 2Pro Server/Router/Accelerator improves the management and the control of any network type and especially optimizes the satellite internet connection, accelerates the data transfer and improves the communication of each network station with global internet. For complex networks we have foreseen and preconfigured the servers, for the users to be able to install one or more Back-up connections. The servers optimize: Navigation (http), the data transmission and reception speed, antivirus and antispam protection, VoIP optimization and prioritization, Load-Balancing among 2-20 different connections. Additional details can be found on the server's description page.
The platform offers complete management for the bidirectional broadband satellite connection : point to point, point to multipoint, SCPC / SCPC, SCPC / DVB S2, dedicated VSAT network (requires Line Card).

Why should you choose Lamit Company ?

1. Our company is direct partner with VSAT and other satellite equipment manufacturers, as well as with satellite operators, so -> the lowest prices.
2. We utilize the newest technology, not outdated solutions, which will be removed from service, so -> long term performance and quality.
3. We use only original equipments and accessories, without doubtful improvisations, so -> durability, maximum internet upload & download.
4. We utilize several different satellites, choosing the best coverage for your area, so -> minimum equipment, maximum connectivity.
5. We offer free assistance, and together with you we will choose the best VSAT equipments and subscriptions, so -> 0% error risk.
6. QoS optimization with hardware TCP/IP and VPN acceleration, so -> increased no. of clients, maintaining the same quality of connection.
7. Advanced hardware security of your network, for banks, government institutions etc, so -> maximum data and network security.
8. Professional installation, in any location, post-install permanent technical support, so -> 99,8%/year network uptime & functionality.

What to avoid when choose your two way satellite internet provider !

1. A provider who doesn't state the prices or equipment manufacturer, who does not have complete contact information or who avoids direct contact.
2. A provider who can not offer several different connection possibilities (subscriptions), being limited to a single satellite or having doubtful coverage.
3. A provider, who in his desire to reduce the equipment prices, uses improvised subassemblies, the later connection quality being doubtful and inferior.
4. Avoid the purchase of outdated technologies, which will be taken out of service soon, requiring later upgrade taxes, or even total replacement.
5. Very distant satellite providers, because they can not : import (requires authorization) and install equipments and neither can assist you post-sale .
A provider who avoids to motivate why he recommends a certain type of equipment / subscription, or the ones that are not authorized for import.
7. Providers that can not supply two way satellite internet services, with different content ratios (directly influences the connection's quality).
8. Low prices = outdated equipments or second hand equipments, unreliable connections on very heavily loaded satellites, so, wasted investment.
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